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NOV 2019: "IBM" CTO and his team visited DAIR to explore several collaborations
NOV 2019: "Sumitomo" general manager and his team visited DAIR to give a talk and define various collaborations
NOV 2019: "DAIR" organized the International Workshop on Software Engineering Intelligence in San Diego, CA
OCT 2019: "DAIR" visited eBay to kickoff research collaborations

November 30 - December 4, 2020

1st Dearborn ai symposium

The DAIS’20 Symposium will focus on sharing lessons from leading experts and executives on AI from industry and academia based on hands-on tutorials, case study presentations, keynotes, and executives panel

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Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence


The center will play a major role in the current research and education landscapes of the University of Michigan-Dearborn.


Advancing research in core AI and its applications


Becoming a hub for promoting large-scale research, in collaboration with AI academics, practitioners, and business leaders.


Integrating AI research and educational activities


Increasing collaboration within the University of Michigan-Dearborn through team research efforts in core and applied AI

Our Mission



Training the next generation of AI scholars and practitioners.


Impactful Research

Translating AI research and education into beneficial societal and industry impact.


Cooperative Environment

Facilitating interdisciplinary research and teaching environment in which faculty from various departments and colleges can cooperate and conduct research on sponsored projects.

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